Matt Masek Returns as Shadow Circus Bassist - 09/02/2011

Inspired by the music of The Doors and The Beatles (especially Paul McCartney), Matt began studying classical guitar at the age of 9. Thus started a long path of formal music training that continued on to include cello starting at age 11, which he studied formally for 10 years, culminating at The New School of Music in Philadelphia. A high school friend introduced him to the music of Genesis in 1977 and thrust him into the world of progressive rock.

Until joining Shadow Circus, Matt performed with Nexus, an innovative, progressive band from Texas, and has had the honor of performing onstage with Spencer Davis, Jon Anderson and Dickie Betts at B.B. King's in New York City for the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.

As the original bassist for Shadow Circus who performed on the band's debut, Welcome to the Freakroom, as well as cello arrangements on Whispers and Screams, the band is pleased to announce his return to the group for their third release and 2011 tour.




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