David Silver Joins as New Shadow Circus Keyboardist - 08/30/2011

David's early love of the Beatles and knack for playing the piano led him to find inspiration in the progressive music of the 70s.  ELP, Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull and Frank Zappa, to name a few, were his early influences as his interest developed in the music as well as the tools and techniques of the genre. Exposure to instruments like the Hammond organ and Minimoog led David to experiment with various flavors of analog modular and computer based synthesizers while studying music and computer science at NYU. Here’s a piece he composed on the Serge modular synthesizer in 1981:

In the late 1980s David wrote music software for the Commodore Amiga, collaborating with composer and computer music pioneer Laurie Spiegel ( on the Amiga version of Music Mouse-An Intelligent Instrument, followed by numerous programs published by Dr. T's Music Software of Boston.

In the 2000s, David decided to return to his roots by forming Lucky Men (originally Federman, Fake & Farmer)---New York's only Emerson, Lake and Palmer tribute (  Though the band only played out a few times, working over a number of years with various incarnations allowed David to hone his live playing skills and assemble his computer-based kit of vintage instruments and sounds.

David is thrilled to have the opportunity to become a member of Shadow Circus and contribute all he can as it embarks on its upcoming tour and records its new CD.

P.S.  David always dreamed of playing Hoedown on stage alongside Keith Emerson and in May of 2010 he did just that!!!   (See the YouTube video here:



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